Our multi-sensor security device, the AiPOD, is built with both commercial and military applications in mind.

AiPOO provides a groundbreaking form of artificial perception that fuses LiDR, X·Ray. Computer vision, a suite of Sensors and Artificial Intelligence to deliver unprecedented advancements on perception and surveillance for the AiPOD

Detecting. Recognizing, and Identifying (DRI) potential threats and triggering further actions and alerts real-time.before they happen,  will help to protect operators from harm through advance warning and intelligence from our AIPOD.




W100 Ai Core

  • Our Al core uses a proprietary combination of CNNs, LSTMs, Reinforcement Learning and carefully crafted sensor and decision-making algorithms
  • Analyze complex sensor information for actionable insights


DRI + Alerts

  • Detect, Recognize and Identify persons, weapons, explosives, and other undesirable objects real-time
  • Autonomous Behavior 24/7
  • True positives cause Ai POD to investigate further by triggering other sensors to gather data,
  • learn more and send alerts to mobile via encrypted satellite communications to
  • our data center
  • Connect the AiPOD platform to your existing Surveillance network