To cope with the rising demand for improved healthcare services, and to manage the challenges of offering innovative healthcare solutions at competitive prices, the healthcare sector had to adopt comprehensive highly customized and affordable technological solutions that helped it move forward towards smarter healthcare.

eHOpe™ Healthcare Solutions

In Optimiza, our patient-centered healthcare solution, eHOpe™ (Electronic Hospital Operations), is designed to help medical institutions optimize their performance in the short term and deal with their strategic operational and financial issues on the long run. Our leading-edge and tailor-made solution helps healthcare organizations to improve patient care while reducing overall costs.

eHOpe™ is a comprehensive, integrated, and communication-rich hospital information management system. eHOpe is an Optimiza solution that offers full-suite services to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Healthcare institutions.

Our deep understanding of the needs of the healthcare industry and its subsectors makes us highly capable of offering integrated solutions and services that fulfill the technology, consulting, and training needs of various players in the healthcare sector. This includes healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, and medical equipment suppliers.

Our handling of the large-scale and sophisticated project is reliable due to our extensive and diverse experience, which has made us the only company in the region that can combine healthcare content knowledge with the latest software, hardware, and infrastructure and consulting services technologies.

Our healthcare services are built upon three main goals:

  • Improving patient care
  • Building revenue
  • Controlling costs

Today’s hospital environment is more complex and more demanding than ever before. Rapid advancements in healthcare delivery and related services force hospitals to organize and manage large volumes of highly confidential information while continuously updating knowledge associated with these services. The organizations that will survive are the ones that understand how to manage these fundamental changes. The architectural flexibility of an organization’s information system determines its ability to succeed in new endeavors. To meet the challenges of the new millennium, our healthcare management system’s true power begins with its architecture, design, and structure.