Data Analytics, Data science and Advanced analytics solutions

Combine business intelligence, statistic models and analytics to unlock powerful analytics insights by tapping into data to unlock opportunities in your business.

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We offer end to end solutions and support on the products based on your organisation requirements. We help you turn data into information & information into insight.

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We provide strategy professional services across all domains – Finance, internal Audit, Risk management, Insurance, HR, Retail, Real Estate, Logistics and many more


Need training on tools, analytics or concepts? We help you understand how to work with tools and adapt to them. We will train you to uncover insights accelerating your analytical ability

Frequent Asked Questions

A journey of inspecting, cleansing, blending, transforming and automating the process to generate insights from the raw data for human consumption which enables the organisation to an informed decision making.

Data analytics helps you uncover the opportunities you never thought of. Analytics can help you make informed decisions by identifying patterns, trends and relationships helping in unleashing the power of data.
Helps you answer the following questions:

  • What is the current status of the business and what is the future of it?
  • Why is it happening?
  • How to formulate the strategy to address the current issues?

Any data. All kinds of data generated in your business is a potential opportunity to unlock.

Building Analytics department is not just a project or a phase but developing a culture itself. It requires commitment and resources. Any organisation needs to spend considerable about of time, effort and energy to build analytics culture. Organizations like us- Aeromaritime Data Analytics division help you by guiding on how your organisation can adopt analytics. We work together to make the engagement a success and support you throughout the process.

We can help you set up the entire Data transformation and advanced analytics process- build a well packaged solution from the data extraction, cleansing, blending, transformation, building predictive models and visualize the reports with interactive slice and dice options for a data-driven decision making.

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