ThinPack Ku100(i)

Next Generation Portable Man-pack Terminal Provides Commercial and Government Users Broadband Ku-Band Connectivity

ThinKom’s portable, planar antenna provides high throughput and highly efficient use of transponder bandwidth in three different models.

The Ku100 (US Domestic) and Ku100i (international) terminals’ small form factor allow for a single, airline carry-on overhead compatible case.

The Ku200 provides higher EIRP with lower ASI and fits into a single, airline checkable case. No antenna assembly is required and the antennas are fast and easy to align and stabilize.

The broadband terminals support full international Ku-Band frequency coverage.

General Information (Antenna)
Transmit Band: 13.75-14.5 GHz
Receive Band: 10.7-12.75 GHz
G/T (12.25 GHz)
Ku100: 9.0 dB/K
Ku100i: 11.5 dB/K
EIRP (14.25 GHz w/ 6W BUC*)
Ku100: 39.5 dBW
Ku100i: 40 dBW
Transmit Power Spectral Density (per 47 CFR 25.222, 25.209)
Ku100: 12.5 dBW/4 kHz
Ku100i: 15 dBW/4 kHz
Tx Geo-Plane Beamwidth
Ku100: 3.2°
Ku100i: 3.0° V, 5.3° H
Tx Geo-Plane First Sidelobe (typ)
Ku100: -20 dB
Ku100i: -16 dB
Polarization: Linear (manually aligned)
X-pol: < 25 dB typical
Tx/Rx Isolation: > 80 dB (built-in Diplexer/Filters)
Weight (including transceiver and tripod assembly):
Ku100: 14.5 lbs
Ku100i: 13.0 lbs

Operational Temperature: -40°F to +140°F (-40°C to +60°C)
Environmental Compatibility: MIL-STD-810

(60cm parabolic dish equivalent… and better!)

Data Rates (Forward Link/Receive): up to 20 Mbps
Data Rates (Return Link/Transmit): up to 10 Mbps

Advantages and Benefits
(relative to 60cm parabolic dish)

• No assembly required (fast, easy to align and stabilize)
• Up to 50% less sensitive to pointing/alignment errors
• Up to 65% smaller aperture area
• Up to 80% less susceptible to wind-loading
• Integrated transmitter/receiver (compact, no cables)
• Full international (Ku-Band) frequency coverage
• Single IATA compliant airline overhead case
• Lightweight