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Aeromaritime’s Homeland Security Platform provides Law Enforcement and Government Authorities with advanced technologies to effectively predict and respond to a range of common security threats.

The solution proposes a technology platform based on a private and secure network of scalable surveillance and communications capabilities, to aid government authorities in protecting cities, borders and any other nationwide environment.

This integrated surveillance and communications network offers fast and reliable access to real-time visual, audio, location-based information, immediately available everywhere nationwide.

The impact of major threats or incidents can also be reduced by enabling access to a fully informed single or multi-agency network that is not reliant upon public infrastructure. Comprehensive situational awareness enables better and faster decision making and cross-agency collaboration, with robust and flexible surveillance and communication solutions.

The infrastructure is flexible and provides full integration with any of the other TEMIX Surveillance Capability Layers, or any third party products.

This enables further solutions to be added to the existing infrastructure, extending and enhancing the system as the changing situation dictates.

Command and Control resources are provided as part of an overall solution. Specific requirements can range from full control room capabilities for headquarters or regional commands, through to small mobile monitoring stations, consoles and handheld devices.