Data Analytics

Data will talk to you if you are willing to listen to It.

The future is data, and it is here. As time goes by, organizations grow and the world becomes more and more populated, the amount of data available grows hand-in-hand. Some companies have been storing data for the past X years, some companies are just starting to understand the value of data today.

So whether you want to structure today’s data in order to analyze it and identify the outliers or use historical data to predict & forecast for the upcoming future which will allow machines to learn from history to then move into the realm of Artificial Intelligence. The basis of it all is data. You have to understand the data first.

At Aeromaritime the Data Analytics Division has been developed to bridge a gap in the market & prepare organizations for the future.

Aeromaritime is a Dubai based technology solutions & consulting services company. We help and assist our clients to understand the power of data by providing innovative custom solutions to each individual client’s day to day data problems and turn the meaningful data to actionable insights by identifying the underlying opportunities. We help our customers arrive at data-driven decisions by providing actionable intel, to maximize the growth of revenue & save time, which we know also saves money.

Our core competencies on which we provide consulting & training are the following:

  • Digital transformation
  • Data Analytics / Business Intelligence
  • Data & Process Automation
  • Predictive / Advanced Analytics
  • Extract Transform and Load (ETL)
  • Data Visualization