Motorola MTP3550

MTP3550 TETRA PORTABLE RADIO Enhanced for Public Safety Users

The MTP3550 TETRA portable radio with color display and full keypad delivers high performance and dependability required for enhanced workforce productivity and assured user safety.

The MTP3550 delivers key features for public safety users including End-to-End Encryption, Man Down Sensor and Vibrate Alert. Embedded secure Bluetooth enables connectivity with accessories and collaborative devices.

This TETRA radio is optimized for excellent audio performance and durability for use in all types of noisy and demanding situations. Features a Class 3L power output option, which increases range and in-building performance. Coupled with high receive sensitivity, the MTP3550 has the capability for maintaining communications in the most demanding situations.

Built to Last
The MTP3550 radio has been built to the highest quality levels and exceeds all 11 categories in the MIL-810 standard. The MTP3550 TETRA portable passes an Accelerated Life Test simulating over 5 years use; these tests ensure it will withstand tough conditions and provide durability that helps reduce support costs.


High Performance, Built to Last

    • Rugged and designed for optimum reliability in harsh conditions
    • The superior audio quality for the most demanding environments
    • The comprehensive range of accessories to provide a tailored solution
    • Optimized user interface
    • Remote programming facility for cost-effective radio terminal management
    • High-resolution color display
    • Built to meet the challenges of fire-grounds and riots as well as dusty and dirty environments.
    • IP65, IP66, and IP67

Share Information
Instantly with Bluetooth Data

Connect wirelessly to Bluetooth data devices making it easy to share information in real-time.

Simple but Powerful User Interface

To minimize staff training costs, the MTP3550 leverages an instantly familiar cellular phone style user interface. The display supports 26,200k vivid colors and large scalable fonts. Features a customizable menu and full numeric keypad that make the device interaction fast and intuitive.

Unified Communications,
Integrated Safety

    • Trunked and conventional operation modes
    • Full-duplex PABX and PSTN interconnection
    • Personnel safety and emergency call features
    • Optional integrated GNSS for personnel tracking

Data Applications

Features the industry's largest application developer program that offers customized data applications tailored to your business needs: location tracking, work order ticket management, dispatch, and telephony.

TETRA Works in the Toughest,
Most Demanding Environments

The MTP3000 Family radios are packed with the features which have become essential for safe and effective operations, as well as significant improvements in areas such as audio and ruggedness. The user interface is optimized for those making the transition from analog radios and includes two controls for group and volume.