Alteryx Server

Alteryx provides a scalable server-based analytics solution that shall let you create, publish and share your analytics applications. The various features of Alteryx server are: scheduling and the automation of the workflows, creating, managing and controlling the accesses.

Sharing & Collaborating

Create, publish and share analytics workflows and apps in your organization by using Alteryx Gallery.

  • Macros and API’s

Build your own standard process using the Alteryx API’s and the software development kits to embed the same into the internal applications.

  • Secure and reliable

Every time you make changes, the versioning control capabilities records it so that the consumer can roll back to the changes anytime and anywhere.

Analytics Governance

Alteryx helps the enabling and managing of the centralized workflows with the existing IT governance controls.

  • Central and Secure

A centralized secure location to store the analytics applications where authors and administrators can ensure governance by restricting access using the authentications, permissions and encryption protocols.

  • Administration and Control

With detailed usage reporting, auditing and standardized logging tools, system administrators have the confidence of ensuring proper control, security, and meeting service level agreements.

Enterprise Scalability

Multiple ways to scale analytics and take off the load from a data-intensive process to a reliable architecture which delivers improved analytical capabilities, quick insights, and better governance.

  • Scheduling and Automating

Built-in scheduling capability to schedule the workflows at the time of your choice to produce the updates reports and refresh the data sets accessible at any time or anywhere.

  • Scalable and flexible

Alteryx Server provides a flexible architecture deployable on-premise or in the cloud, whether the analytical app is for 10 users or more than 10,000 users. The scaling up and scaling out process is easier as the business needs growth.