Alteryx Designer

As a business analyst or a data scientist, you always go through a painful series of procedures for any analytic process. Typically, this means leveraging multiple tools, efforts to pull together information by gathering, cleansing and blending information from the ever-growing data sources. Not Anymore! We are now entering the world of data analytics through Alteryx.

Alteryx Designer:

Alteryx alters the way you look at data, empowering everyone to perform their own analytics. How does Alteryx help? Deeper insights in hours rather than weeks.


Prep, Blend, and Analyze Data- All in a single platform

To answer a simple question, multiple data sources are required to be brought in together. Alteryx does this 100X times faster than the traditional methods.

  • Connect to data wherever it lives

Access all your relevant data from cloud applications, data warehouses, spreadsheets or other data sources.

  • Cleanse, Prep and Blend

Prepare and blend the right data set for analysis, visualization or decision making using the transformational tools.



In an agile environment, the data keeps changing.  The feature of viewing the data throughout the entire problem-solving journey enables the analysts to visualize the data flow.

  • Instant Validation

Watch your data in motion- the health of the data, the data profiling and the distribution of the data through powerful visualizations.

  • Interactive Visuals and Insights generation

Drill down, slice and dice options are represented in multilayer charts plus the customization across the chart types which helps the analysts generate insights on the information.


Spatial Analytics

Got location points in your data? Analysts can conduct and visualize advanced location-based calculations.

  • Utilize the hidden locations points in your data

Geocode and standardize addresses, blend data based on spatial aspects, create trade areas, perform drivetime analytics, then map and geographically visualize the results.

  • Sharing insights

Insights from the spatial analytic tools can be shared with 3rd party tools like Tableau, ESRI, or MapInfo.


Advanced / Predictive analytics

Alteryx makes the life of analysts and data scientists easier where a simple drag and drop of tools forming a workflow can give them the answers to their data problems.

  • Standardize Process

With repeatable workflows that deliver results with one single click.

  • Predictive Analytics

Use R-based analytics, No coding. Use multiple drag and drop tools built on R to model your data and make predictive analytics easier and faster by eliminating the traditional, static reports with customized visualizations. Alteryx can also import new packages and create customized predictive tools which can be shared to analyze by a data scientist.