Teleport Services

Aeromaritime Security Systems Middle East offers Teleport Services through TEMIX Teleport based in Catania, Italy.

Catania, Italy is a favorable geographical area for Teleport Services. It is in the center of the Mediterranean Sea with access to GeostationarySatellite from 50°W to 80°E extending the Global Coverage.

Redundancy is the key point to guarantee the continuity of the service (dimensioned for future growth with fully redundant UPS, Diesel Generators, Air Conditioning, Main Power Supply, High speed Fiber Optics connectivity, Remote Management System, Security System with Access Control and Video Surveillance).

From the state-of-the-art Catania Teleport, tailor-made and high quality satellite services are provided for:

• Monitoring and SCADA networks (Oil, Gas & Mining; Construction and Offshore).

• Disaster Recovery (Industry, Telco Operators, Governments, Homeland Security).

• Satellite Backhauling. 

• Co-Location & Hosting Services.