Dedrone offers security solutions addressing airspace vulnerabilities exploited by the advances in consumer and commercial drone technology. Dedrone’s software platform, detects aerial intrusions, provides early warning of malicious drone activities and is used to protect data centers, prisons, airports and other critical facilities from, corporate espionage, smuggling, terrorism and hacking.

Drones are great - but also dangerous. They are used for espionage, smuggling and even terrorist attacks. Our solution: DroneTracker, an automated anti-drone system. DroneTracker consists of a unique multi-sensor platform and a self-leraning, intelligent software. Different visual, acoustic and frequency sensors as well as radar systems can be integrated. Once a drone has been detected, DroenTracker sends an alert to the security officers. Appropriate countermeasures such as jammers can be triggered automatically. DroneTracker is used to protect vulnerable organizations such as the baseball stadium Citi Field in New York, Suffolk County Prison, the residence of the Royal Family of Qatar during the Olympics 2016 in Rio - and it was even installed to protect the 2016 Presidential Debates in the USA against malicious drones.