Reimagine is geared for the non-deposit market

Reimagine is a fully-engineered recycling solution geared for the non-deposit market. Envipco conducted a pilot program with Coca-Cola in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas, where consumers visited the brightly-colored Reimagine recycling centers stationed in grocery store parking lots and other public spaces. The recycling centers feature flat-panel screens and interactive displays to promote video advertisements for Coca-Cola and other products.

Incentives, including coupons and scannable rewards cards, are designed to attract consumers to return post-consumer beverage containers to their source. Consumers could also opt to donate their rewards to charity, enter sweepstakes, or bank them for future redemption. About the size of three parking spaces, the recycling centers are mobile and could be unbolted from their location and transported to special events.

Envipco developed this program as a solution for the beverage industry to achieve the lowest cost of collection per container.