AiPUCK is a smart self-organizing clustered sensor network for critical perimeter security and surveillance.

AiPUCK® is a cutting-edge monitoring system based on a set of ground sensors linking themselves into an ad-hoc wireless network, and capable of sending alerts to a central monitoring station responsible of collecting and displaying information gathered in a geo-referenced map(HCI).

AiPUCK's ground sensors are connected to each other by means of a Wireless Network, are freely combinable and include:

  • Seismic sensors (MEMS accelerometers or geophones) to identify ground vibration caused by pedestrians or vehicles.
  • Magnetic sensors (MEMS magnetometers) to monitor the movement of metal objects such as vehicles.
  • Acoustic sensors to detect targets by specific acoustic signatures (noise of the engine, tracks, etc).
  • x-Band Doppler Radar sensors to detect movements of objects in a narrow field of view.
  • GPS receivers for sensor geo-positioning.

Events detected will trigger an intervention from a UAV to track intrusions with AiGUARD devices.