FAiNDER is a mine-detection surveying and mapping solution that takes place entirely from an industrial drone, ensuring not only the safety of personnel but also high accuracy mapping of anti-tank and anti-personnel mines in real-time.

AiNanoLab FAiNDER uses a groundbreaking form of artificial perception that fuses GPR, LiDAR, Millimeter-Wave, Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence to deliver unprecedented advancements in the identification, plotting and motion planning for the FAiNDER and autonomous UAV’s.

FAiNDER optimizes data collection, enabling it to transfer less data, of higher quality and relevance, for rapid perception, tracking-tracing, and mapping. 

FAiNDER combines the world’s first agile GPR, pre-fused with MillWave, LiDAR and embedded Ai to create software-definable and extensible hardware that can dynamically adapt to real-time demands. By enabling intelligent prioritization and interrogation, the FAiNDER can target and identify objects within a scene more effectively than ever before.

FAiNDER delivers higher accuracy, longer range, and more intelligent information to optimize identification software, enabling radically improved autonomous performance at a reduced cost.

FAiNDER uses a distributed architecture and at-the-edge processing to dynamically ID targets and objects of interest, while always critically assessing general surroundings. That enables accessible direct detection for every pixel and voxel in each frame.

An operator simply geofences an area, plans the autonomous mission on the tablet, sets the altitude height and flight time and the FAiNDER will survey and output a map showing the mines and their precise location, overlaid on Google Earth for easy reference. AiNanoLab AI Core will ensure accurate identification and positioning as well as communications to a mobile data center.