A game-changing science that detects concealed information stored in the brain. A proven science that quickly detects concealed information by measuring brain waves.

iCognative is a computer-based, scientific, patented technology to detect whether specific information is stored in a person’s brain or not. The technique is not for interrogation. It does not require any questions and answers. It reveals objectively whether the information is present in the brain or not, regardless of whether any false or truthful statements are made by the subject. The brain does the talking. The hidden information is uncovered by measuring brain-wave activity in response to crime-related pictures, words or phrases



A noteworthy advancement from the polygraph, iCognative detects whether certain specific information is known to a suspect with over 99% accuracy.

System Driven

The system is fully automated. Minimal equipment ensures ease of implementation. The proprietary software is designed to calibrate results instantly.

High Value

The remarkable applications of iCognative maximize intelligence collection disciplines across various security verticals. Unlike fingerprints and DNA that are available only in 1-2% of the cases, iCognative is applicable in over 85% of cases.

Intelligent Detection

iCognative collects an advanced scientific brain response called the P300 MERMER, to analyze patterns of semantic memory recognition. Proprietary algorithm processes intelligently detect specific information stored in the brain.


iCognative leverages forensic capabilities to unprecedented levels. Keeping in mind the importance of time-sensitivity and quality of information, it is best positioned to support intelligence collection and investigation.

Customizable Features

The proprietary software meets global standards of language and function customization. Different functional configurations can offer exclusive access to authorized personnel.