MO 2D Portable Explosive Traces Detector and Document Scanner

The MO-2D is a highly sensitive explosive trace detector primarily designed for quickly screening documents such as travel and ID documents.

It is also used to detect explosive residues collected from suspicious objects on swipes.

The capability to analyze air samples collected on a concentrator makes it one of the most flexible trace detector on the market.

Typical objects inspected are :

- Passports,

- Travel documents,

- ID cards,

- Boarding passes,

- Swipes, air samples…

OPERATING PRINCIPLE APPLICATION Documents or swipes are introduced in the MO-2D where a warm airflow helps releasing vapours from any explosives residues.

Vapours are then ionised and separated using the Non Linear Dependence of Ion Mobility (NLDM), also called FAIMS.


Explosives detected: TNT, NG, PETN, RDX, and others with similar physio chemical properties, as well as their by-products and/or mixtures.

Sensitivity (to TNT at 20°C and relative humidity of 50%) : 10-13g/cm3 (0.01 ppb) Warm up time : 10 to 15 minutes Sample heating temperature : 65°C Response time : 8 to 16 seconds