Dedrone Demonstraton

On July 12th, 2017, Dedrone represented by Aeromaritime Security Systems Middle East and  in cooperation of ESHARAH and Sanad Academy, have conducted a live Demo of Dedrone solution to detect, identify,  and trace drones in 1.5 km radius.

More than 45 people attended the demonstration, representing government and semi-goverment entities.

Dedrone created a complex DroneTracker, software-based drone detection and counter-drone platform for all kinds of applications. It reliably detects and identifies criminal drones by means of multiple sensors, data fusion and intelligent software technology.

Dedrone offers security solutions addressing airspace vulnerabilities exploited by the advances in consumer and commercial drone technology. Dedrone’s software platform, detects aerial intrusions, provides early warning of malicious drone activities and is used to protect data centers, prisons, airports and other critical facilities from, corporate espionage, smuggling, terrorism and hacking. Led by CEO and co-founder, Joerg Lamprecht, the company was established in 2014, and is headquartered in San Francisco, with production, research and development in Kassel, Germany.

Dedrone, a security company which developed the world’s first software to detect drones and protect high-value airspace from drone threats, announced today it has secured $15 million for its Series B funding round led by Felicis Ventures and by John Chambers, Executive Chairman of Cisco, who has personally invested in the company. The funding comes on the heels of Dedrone’s rapid expansion in the security market. The new capital will be used to increase marketing and sales efforts, as well as investing in global research and development. All of Dedrone’s Series A investors are participating and providing funding for the Series B.

Secured over 200+ installations in 2016 with notable customers including the 2016 U.S. presidential debates, the Suffolk County prison in New York, and the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Added strategic, international resellers, including Airbus, NCS Pte Ltd and Deutsche Telekom

Dedrone is the international market and technology leader in the field of drone detection. DroneTracker, which was developed by Dedrone, provides early warning of illegal UAVs and is used to protect industrial plants, government buildings and other critical infrastructure installations against smugglers, spies and terrorist attacks.

Dedrone tracker is unique, it comes with multi-sensors, it provides real-time alerts and countermeasures:

· Detect drone

· Inform security officers

· Track drone

· Jam drone

· Capture drone

· Locate and arrest pilot

· Provide evidence


Dedrone can be used to protect:

· Stadiums

· Prisons

· Government Offices

· Air Traffic (Airports)

· Utilities (Oil & Gas)

· Data Centers

· Industry

· VIP Palaces