Alteryx is based in Irvine, California, U.S. It provides four software products that comprise its DSML platform: Alteryx Connect, Alteryx Designer, Alteryx Server and Alteryx Promote. Alteryx Designer is the core product.

Alteryx hosts an Alteryx Community that provides customers, partners and Alteryx associates with a platform to interact with one another. Alteryx organizes Alteryx Inspire Conferences in North America, Europe and Australia annually. The vendor provides a multilingual global support for customers out of U.S., U.K., Australia and Singapore offices.

Alteryx has returned to its 2018 position of Leader, from being a Challenger in 2019, by demonstrating a solid company and product vision, especially in relation to augmented DSML and process automation. The vendor continues to outperform almost all other vendors in this Magic Quadrant from a revenue growth perspective and has significantly expanded its business internationally.

Alteryx has made significant progress in changing the perception that it is solely a data preparation provider. It made two strategic acquisitions (ClearStory Data and Feature Labs) in 2019 to expand its platform capabilities. ClearStory Data provides a solution that enables automation of analytics of complex data and unstructured data on large-scale data processing platforms like Apache Spark. Feature Labs automates feature engineering, the creation of AI applications and data preparation process to help improve model accuracy and overall process efficiency. The Feature Labs acquisition occurred after the cutoff for this research report and was not considered in scoring.


  • Market perception and execution: Alteryx’s focus on addressing the end-to-end analytic process clearly positions it as a vendor with a comprehensive platform. It is no longer simply viewed as a data preparation vendor by the market. Alteryx’s value proposition is clear and resonating in the market, as demonstrated by its strong revenue and customer growth.
  • No-code approach: Alteryx’s no-code approach is attractive to organizations that want to use ML but need an easy-to-use platform built for business analysts and citizen data scientists. The vendor provides hundreds of automation building blocks for users to quickly build analytics, data science and process automation workflows. The platform can directly integrate with robotic process automation (RPA) solutions and enterprise applications to automate running of ML pipelines and business processes.
  • A robust, growing community: Alteryx has built an engaged online community of users to share knowledge and answer questions. Its online forum offers challenge exercises to help users improve their product knowledge. In addition, it offers three annual user conferences (U.S., Europe and APAC) that are growing quickly.


  • Pricing: Alteryx’s high price continues to concern some customers given open-source and other lower-cost options in the market, and this may limit broader use across organizations. Some customers report licensing complexity and being charged both by named user and by CPU core. Lack of volume discounts also limit broader use of the platform within organizations.
  • Linux support: Of the four Alteryx products, only Promote runs on Linux OS; CentOS is the only supported distribution. Alteryx Connect and Server only run on the Microsoft Windows Server OS. This can be an issue for organizations that do not support Windows Server.
  • Streaming/Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities: Alteryx has limited capabilities for supporting streaming/IoT, which is important for real-time decision making. Sample use cases include those related to IoT and logistics such as failure prediction, asset management and supply chain optimization.


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